About Us

Creative Quartz LLP

Creative Quartz LLP embraces tradition while creating a fascination for the new and has developed into an integral part of the Jennex Group of Companies which has been a force in the natural stone industry for over two decades. The interplay between experience and passion, inside and curiosity drove us to manufacture engineered quartz surfaces. While adapting to current market trends, we aren’t just creating a product but life inducing forces suitable for any of your projects.









Our Story

Creative is effortless when you have a passion for what you are doing. Even after being in the natural stone industry for over 20 years, it is this love for creativity that keeps us excited and driven as ever.
Our 200,000 sq. ft.production facility located just outside of Delhi is well equipped to service our global clientele not only high quality quartz surfaces but top but notch service. From foll slabs to pre-fabs, commercial to residential and cut-to-size to all cladding, our 150 person team has the ability to supply all of your engineered quartz needs.
With a constant drive to fulfill all the demands of our clientele, research and development is the true backbone of our operation. Continuous investments in our R&D team have given us the freedom to evolve our product offering, catering to the needs of our clients and helping realize their dream quartz surfaces.

Why Quartz

Quartz Slabs is the coming together of nature and engineering. One of the hardest and most abundant minerals found in Earth, natural quartz when mixed with polymer resin (standard ratio: 93% raw quartz to 7% polymer resin) results in an engineered stone that is as beautiful as traditional materials like granite but exceeds in performance advantages.
Being non-porous, quartz slabs are immune to bacteria adding hygiene to your kitchen and room. Plus, it's highly resistant to everyday stains from beverages, food, make-up etc. giving it its forever fresh feel. Furthermore, it comes in a pleasing colour palette that gives any designer ample room to play with and get the guests talking by turning a simple space intoquite a sight.
Its versatility, long-life, many colour options and multiple textures make it the most customisation-friendly decor stone that can be translated into beautiful interpretations. If one is looking for a surface stone that adds both life and character to a kitchen, bathroom, room or elsewhere, quartz slabs are a treat engineered to please.

Natural Stone Resources
Channel Partner In USA

Natural Stone Resources is the United States based partner of Creative Quartz, Investing in the factory and operation in 2017 to help increase production capacity and expand the distribution network. Creative Quartz Partnership with NSR thrives on shared values and an unwavering desire to deliver the highest quality, service and integrity into every aspect of its operation. From the selection of raw material to the entire production process, NSR is wholeheartedly involved with Creative Quartz from manufacturing to final delivery.

Natural Stone Resources investment in Creative Quartz is a thoughtful engagement born out of an idea to produce an international standard of quality and service along with spreading the global distribution network.

As a trusted name in the US market, NSR is the answer to all your natural stone and quartz surface needs across North America. Based in Anaheim, CA and a distribution Network across the United States, Canada And Mexico, NSR has a rich portfolio of natural stone from over 17 countries and is the go-to stop tiles, slabs, mosaics, trims, cut-to-size and many other format in slate, quartzite, sandstone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone,onyx and Quartz surfaces. NSR can provide direct container shipments to your facility around or ship from their distribution center in Southern California.

With an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, NSR truly believes the customer is king, modeling a supply chain to the very needs of the customers. Regardless of the size of the order, NSR can guarantee you and your staff will be treated with the utmost of professionalism and respect with delivery of the highest quality product.

International Creative Quartz UK
Channel Partner In UK